Regular Cleaning

Regular Cleaning

Regular Domestic Cleaning

Cost-effective, efficient and reliable, Valentina Cleaning Services leave your home spotless while you enjoy the finer things in life.

House Cleaner London Services

Our regular house cleaning contracts are carried out by fully trained, experienced maids who have undergone a thorough vetting process to ensure consistently high standards of cleaning. Performed with the greatest respect and extreme care for your property, we can offer the following services:

All Rooms

  • General tidying
  • Dusting all surfaces (top, underneath, front; within reach)
  • Dusting/wiping down shelves, picture frames and skirting boards; radiators, lamp shades and window blinds
    Cleaning doors and frames
  • Polishing mirrors and chromed items (light switches; fixtures, lamp shades)
  • Vacuuming carpeted flooring and upholstery (with the latter involving use of special brushes)
  • Vacuuming/ mopping hardwood and/or tile floors


As above, plus vacuuming under beds (within reach); making beds; fluffing up/straightening pillows/cushion


  • Tidying bathroom linens (towels, etc.)
  • Cleaning baths; basins, showers and surrounding tiles
  • Cleaning/ disinfecting toilets (base and behind included)
  • Cleaning cabinets and walls
  • Cleaning/polishing chrome fixtures and mirrors
  • Vacuuming/mopping floors


  • Cleaning worktops and outside of appliances
  • Cleaning inside and outside of microwaves
  • Cleaning cookers and tiled areas surrounding them
  • Cleaning sinks, taps and tiles around them
  • Cleaning cupboard and fridge doors
  • Dusting skirting boards
  • Wiping down chairs and tables
  • Vacuuming/mopping floors

We can save even more of your precious time through our handy ironing service.

House Cleaner London Requirements

All cleaning is undertaken using eco-friendly products provided by Valentina Cleaning Services. Our maids will, however, need to be given access to power and water (both hot and cold). While our maids do their utmost to prevent accidental breakages or other damages to your property, we will also ask you to secure or remove any items of sentimental value or particularly fragile/ breakable items. Should removal/securing of such items not be a viable option, please inform us of their existence so extra care can be applied.

Public Liability Insurance

For your security and the safety of our maids, we are covered by a full public liability insurance policy. Should any damages/breakages occur, we will do our best to replace/repair your broken/damaged property and/or put in an insurance claim (where appropriate).


Depending on the size of a property; the overall extent of the work to be carried out and the number of maids required to complete a cleaning job quickly and efficiently, our prices are based on reasonable rates and tailored to match individual budgets.

To get an estimate of cost; arrange a trial cleaning session and join our extensive list of satisfied clients, call our helpful experts on Tel.: 0208 949 5145 now or e-mail us with your requirements at:

Payment and Cancellation Terms of Service

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