Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Without regular expert cleaning, even top quality carpets and upholstery that should remain bright and fresh looking for thirty years or more can become dull, tired and worn within as little as just ten years. Carpet Cleaning by Valentina Cleaning Services keeps your upholstery and carpets fresh and bright for years to come without making a huge hole in your budget.

Carpet Cleaning and your Health

Fully aware of the fact that many cleaning materials can trigger allergic reactions in susceptible individuals (like asthmatics, for example); damage carpets and/or upholstery or have other detrimental effects on your health and that of your carpets/upholstery, our maids use only eco-friendly products suitable for the types of upholstery/ carpets in your home. Special brushes designed to get into every fold and crease are used to ensure pet hairs; dust and other particles are removed thoroughly and your upholstery is cleaned to perfection.


Working to the highest standards in terms of quality and safe working procedures, our maids will treat your upholstery, carpets and remaining property with the utmost respect and will do their best to avoid causing any accidental damage/ breakages while working in your home. However, should the unexpected happen and any of your belongings are damaged/broken, they are fully covered by public liability insurance and we will strive to replace or repair said items as quickly as possible, filing insurance claims as and when appropriate.

Our prices

Tailor-made to suit every individual client’s specific requirements and budget, our prices are based on how many carpets/ items of upholstery are to be cleaned; the extent of wear/soiling on the carpet/s and/or upholstery and how many staff members will be needed to bring the job to a satisfactory completion quickly.

Getting Cost Estimates

Get a free, no-obligation estimate on the cost for having your carpet/s and/or upholstery cleaned professionally by our highly trained, experienced maids by calling our team on Tel.: 0208 949 5145. Alternatively, let us know your requirements via e-mail: info@valentiacs.co.uk and a member of our staff will get back to you as quickly as possible. Don’t delay – let us prolong the life of your upholstery and carpets today.