Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

We are a professional carpet cleaning company able to provide the highest standards of service for your home or commercial premises. Whatever the condition of the carpeting, we will do a first rate job for an incredible price. Our team are experienced and professionally vetted, ensuring we can meet any expectations. If that wasn’t enough, we also provide cost effective prices.

Benefits of hiring Valentina Cleaning Services

  • Saves you a great deal of time
  • We use eco-friendly products
  • Reliable and thorough cleaning
  • Efficient services
  • Quality service guarantee
  • Full public liability insurance

About our carpet cleaning

Valentina Cleaning Services was originally established in 2006. Since then we have grown to become a well established and highly reputable company. We can provide an extensive array of services, catering for domestic and commercial carpets across Central London and parts of the South West.

The thing that really sets us apart from other providers is we treat your property as if it was our own. As a result the cleaners are always careful and only use gentle techniques that won’t damage the carpet. This is true even if it has heavily soiling or deep stains.

Most importantly our service is highly adaptable. This is important because not every carpet will need the same level of service. For example the carpeting in high foot traffic areas will always see the most wear and soiling. Therefore it needs additional effort to clean it. We can do just that, ensuring we utilise the right technique to make the materials look like new.

In addition we work hard to find the best solution for the exact situation. Our team can get creative with cleaning, ensuring they can overcome challenges as effectively as possible.

Trust Us

Our team strives to provide the most consistent services possible. We want clients to expect the best from us every time. To ensure this we provide the assurance that every single cleaner is fully vetted and knows their job. They will maximise safety and security whenever they are working in your property. On top of that we have full liability insurance in place to protect your interests.

If you have any questions for us or would like to enquire about a service, please get in touch.